Baranavichy: fifth picket ban this year

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 9 April civil activist Ryhor Hryk received a letter signed by the Deputy Head of the Baranavichy City Executive Committee Dz. Kastsiukevich. There it is stated, that Baranavichy CEC, being guided by the Law of the Republic of Belarus  of 12 December 1997 No. 114-3 "About Mass Events" (in the edition  No. 308-3 of 11 August 2011) prohibited the activist to hold a picket in the old city park on 15 April.

As usual, the reasons for the denial aren't explained. Mr. Hryk wanted to hold the picket to express moral support to the people who were convicted for participation in the peaceful protests against the rigged election on 19 December 2010.

It is already the fifth picket of civil activists banned by the Baranavichy CEC this year. In the beginning of the year two similar bans were issued to Viktar Tsiapin and Ryhor Druzhynin, whereas for Mr. Hryk it is the third refusal in 2012.

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