Ihar Sluchak cannot return to Estonia without documents

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Ihar Sluchak, the founder of the civil initiative "Office Work in Belarusian" has received an answer to his appeal to the Supreme Court these days.

The activist had filed an appeal with the head of the Supreme Court concerning the case in which he had been found guilty of "disorderly conduct" for allegedly pushing a passer-by and insulting him with obscene language. The answer was again signed by the deputy head of the court, Judge Fedartsou, who stated that the verdict was correct and the applicant was really guilty.

After the incident, which had taken place in August 2011 Mr. Sluchak left Homel for studying in Estonia. On the eve of the Freedom Day, 25 March, he came to Homel and was severely beaten and robbed by strangers.

"They took away my telephone and the wallet with money and documents. Luckily, I didn't receive any serious injuries. But the beating was brutal: I was knocked down and kicked with feet," says Ihar Sluchak.

Among the lost documents there was Estonian temporary residence permit, without which the victim cannot return to the country. Now he will have to restore all the documents in order to continue his studies there.