Deputy head of Supreme Court doesn't doubt Ihar Sluchak is a hooligan

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The initiator of the civil campaign "Office work in Belarusian" Ihar Sluchak (in the photo) received an answer from the Supreme Court of Belarus, signed by the first deputy head, Aliaksandr Fedartsou (the officer who had issued the death verdicts to Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavaliou).

Bear in mind that the activist had been found guilty of "disorderly conduct" and sentenced to 3 days of arrest back in August 2012, on application of Homel resident Siarhei Zamai, who had been repeatedly drawn to administrative account, was registered at the police inspectors on cases of under-aged persons and, according to his own words, consumed alcohol in "sufficient amounts". The man stated that Mr. Sluchak had pushed him and sworn dirtily at him. Ignoring the personality of the plaintiff, the court took his side. Sluchak's appeal to the regional court gave no results.

After this the activist applied to the Supreme Court. In the meantime he also tried to find out why plumber Zamai wasn't at his work during the working hours. He asked his boss, who stated that Zamai had been at work at the specified time, which means that the police report about the incident was false.

Mr. Sluchak wrote it all in his address to the Supreme Court, but still received the same answer.

"Returning to the case in which I was found guilty of pushing and insulting a stranger, I can say that about a week ago I was assaulted and robbed by two strangers not far from the place where I had allegedly violated the law to the court's mind. As usual, there were no police officers nearby. But the allegedly insulted plumber Zamai managed to find a bus with riot policemen who detained me, in 30 seconds. And these are not the most absurd circumstances of the case," commented Ihar Sluchak.