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Rahachou: "Let's make 6 April, a day of the Lent, the day of charitable work!"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Workers of all districts of Homel region "fruitfully" work at days of unpaid work, subbotniks. The administration of Vetka District Executive Committee, dissatisfied with the results of a subbotnik, ordered the workers to spend another Saturday working without money.

Rahachou District Executive Committee went even further: its head Vitkar Banchuk issued a ruling, according to which 6 April will be the "day of charitable work" in Rahachou. "The heads of enterprises, organizations and institutions of all forms of property are recommended to conduct the district day of unpaid work in connection with the construction of an Orthodox church in Rahachou," reads the ruling. According to this documents, all means received as a result of this work will be transferred to the bank account of the temple.

"Let's make a day of Lent, 6 April, the day of charitable work!", calls the local newspaper "Svabodnaye Slova". A statement of a local priest in support of this initiative was also published there.

Subbotniks in the present-day Belarus are a remnant of the Soviet system. Formally, they are held on the "initiative of workers", whereas in fact it is done on informal orders, "recommendations" of authorities.

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