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Ministry of Communication offical fired for giving equipment to opposition

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The CEO of the unitary enterprise “Republican TV and Radio Transmitting Center” gave sound amplifying equipment for Freedom Day organizers.

Andrei Karaim was dismissed for that yesterday. website was informed about that by one of our viewers,

“2 cars with sound amplifying equipment were ordered from the appropriate enterprise of the Ministry of Communications of Belarus for Freedom Day, March 25. One car was spotted near the Academy of Science accompanied by traffic police, it had been most likely ordered by the authorities. The other car with sound amplifying equipment was stopped by police in Bangalore Square. It had been probably ordered and paid for by organizers of the meeting. I repeat that the both cars are owned by the same organization which is subordinated to the Ministry of Communications. The car which did its work in Akademichenskaya Street, returned to the garage without any problems, and the car which was on the way to Bangalore Square, was stopped and taken to the police department of Savetski district of Minsk. Drivers were interrogated. They were told that their documents for this work had not been prepared properly, and later the drivers were suspected of alcohol intoxication without any reasons. In response to justified resentment of the drivers, they were threatened to be left at the police department for 15 days.

I would like to specify that the drivers are common men, and they provide services at different events for many years, including the public events with participation of Lukashenka. As a result, the car was sent to an impound yard, allegedly for checking the serial numbers of the units stated in the technical passport. The director of the enterprise was dismissed yesterday. Debriefing continues,” a viewer has written to


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