Mikalai Dzyadok thrown into punishment cell

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The parents of Mikalai Dzyadok were told in penal colony No. 15 that the political prisoner has been thrown into a punishment cell for 5 days.

Mikalai is to be released from the punishment cell today, March 16. The reason for the disciplinary punishment was violation of prison rules, belarus.indymedia.org reports.

It was the sixth time when Dzyadok had violated the internal rules. He was already denied a parcel and the annual sum for buying necessities was decreased to one basic unit (35,000 rubles).

The parole board said on March 6, 2012, Dzyadok could apply for a milder punishment only if his official evaluation was changed, i.e. if he's not recognized a malicious offender.

On March 1, officer of the Main Organized Crime Department Alyaksandr Litvinski, responsible for the crackdown on anarchists in autumn 2010, visited Dzyadok in the penal colony. He was very angry that information about his previous visit leaked to independent press.

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