Brest authorities allowed only one out of three pickets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activists of the Belarusian Leftist Party "Fair World" intended to hold three pickets on 17 March in order to draw public attention to the implementation of the legal right to accessible accommodation.

According to the head of the Brest city organization of the "Fair World", Liudmila Dzenisenka, Article 48 of the Constitution, guaranteeing accessible accommodation to Belarusian citizens, is violated because of the high costs and the great percents one has to pay for bank loans.

The state started issuing by far less money on building of apartments, whereas the majority of families cannot finance their building on their own, without the state loans.

The organizer of one of the pickets, Uladzimir Kiryianau, received a refusal allegedly because he was going to hold the action on Savetskaya Street, near the cinema "Belarus", which wasn't a place which wasn't mentioned in the appropriate ruling of the city authorities as a place where such actions could be held. The authorities also banned a picket on the "authorized" place, the "Locomotive" stadium, as its organizer, Aliaksandr Dzenisenka, hadn't concluded service agreements with police, medics and public utilities (which is demanded by the ruling of the Brest City Executive Committee "About mass events in Brest" of 30 June 2011).

However, the application of Liavontsi Chypurnykh, who hadn't concluded such agreements either, was granted – he was allowed to hold a picket in the park of Soldiers-Internationalists.