Mahiliou: development of events at bread-baking plant

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of the enterprise demands a public disproval of the “false” information published on the web, threatening the authors of the articles with legal action otherwise.

This information was received from the workers who attended the general assembly which was held on 12 March in the hall of the plant. About 30 workers and almost all administration of the plant were present at this assembly.

Bear in mind that wages to workers were raised by 10% after they started collecting signatures under an appropriate address to its director.

“During the assembly the administration of the plant was searching for the initiator of the action. They repeated at least five times that the initiator must stand up so that the whole collective would look at him and condemn him for undermining the image of the enterprise and its defamation in the eyes of the whole country. It was also stated that from now on the enterprise ideologist Drazdou would work individually with each worker from now on,” said one of the workers.

The head of the plant Natallia Padlesnykh said she would try to find the authors of the “defaming articles” and bring them to legal account. According to her, the author of the publications works for the western security services, whose aim is to discredit Belarus. She also stated that the workers could have come to her and solved everything quietly.

“Our workers aren’t fools. Last year about ten drivers of trucks were coming to her and demanding to increase the wages. All of them were fired. That’s why this time we decided not to follow this scenario,” comments the worker.

According to the workers, during the assembly the whole brigade was forced to sign a paper according to which all information which was published on the web is false.