Viktar Karniayenka applies to state agencies in connection with foreign travel restrictions

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Mr. Karniayenka has applied to the General Procuracy, the Border Committee and the Citizenship and Migration Department. He did it on advice of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee instead of applying just to the latter agency.

Viktar Karniayenka: "My wish is to have it done as quickly as possible. Officers of the General Procuracy stated they knew nothing about any "black lists". So, let them find about it. Their duty is to observe the abidance by the law and the Constitution – let them do their work."

Mr. Karniayenka sent these letters concerning the use of foreign travel restrictions towards him. Other people who were banned to leave Belarus (Siarhei Kaliakin, Anatol Liabedzka and Valiantsin Stefanovich) will do it on their return to Belarus.

Viktar Karniayenka says that there is no evidence that he hasn't been let abroad – the border guards put no seal in his passport. However, he has some witnesses and put down the numbers of the cars which were going to Lithuania at that time. Maybe they will agree to bear testimony if necessary.

However, the politician doesn't rule out that the obstacles were created just once – in order to hinder the gathering of Belarusian politicians in Vilnius for discussing the general strategy at the parliamentary election.