Pavel Vinahradau sentenced to another 7-day arrest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Maskouski district court resumed hearing of Pavel Vinahradau's administrative case on 13 March.

He was sentenced to 7 days of arrest. Taking into account that Vinahradau had already spent 3 days in the detention centre, he will be taken to custody only for four remaining days, RFE/RL reports.

On 5 March Judge Yauhen Khatkevich heard evidence by policemen, found a number of contradictions in the case and sent the police report back to the Maskouski district police department for revision.

At 6:30 pm on 2 March the activist of "Tell the Truth" campaign Pavel Vinahradau was to have been released from the detention centre after his 10-day arrest for the toys protest. Policemen say he was released earlier. They claim Pavel was standing near a shop shouting “I am free” and swearing.

Vinahradau says just after his release from the detention centre he was ordered to get into a car and taken to the Maskouski district police department, where police officers Davydziuk and Listapadau drew up a report against him for alleged swearing. It happened on Friday and Pavel was returned to the detention center until Monday.