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Brest officials are recommended to oppose "forced Belarusification"

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Private socio-political weekly "Nasha Niva" received obtained the following document:

"The first deputy head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.Radzkou applied to you with a request in 2012 to implement the errand of the head of the state, given on 24 February 2012, during a counsel of the National musical project "Eurofest":

- to provide the optimization of expenditures of the local budges for restoration and reconstruction of the historical and cultural valuables, staging of theatric plays, films, concert programs, cultural and entertainment measures;

- to take concrete measures for non-admission of holding the policy of forced Belarusification by heads of state bodies and other organizations and artificial limitation of the use of the Russian language in their activities."

The paper is signed by the deputy head of the administrative department of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, the head of the department of organizational and office work Volha Klimakhovich.

A journalist of the newspaper phoned to the executive committee to find whether the document was real. Volha Klimakhovich confirmed it, but didn't answer the question as to what concrete measures will be taken to prevent the "forced Belarusification" and "artificial limitation of the use of the Russian language".

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