Only relatives receive letters from Yauhen Vaskovich

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Yauhen Vaskovich

Yauhen Vaskovich

During the last months friends and colleagues of political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovih haven't received any letters from them. Only his relatives receive some neutral letters without any complaints.

"I receive fewer letters than I send," says his grandmother, Zoya. "At first I thought that he doesn't have enough envelopes, so I bought many envelopes and sent them to him. However, I still receive one answer to three-four letters. I haven't received any answers to my last letters, though much time has passed," she says.

Another grandmother, Tamara, confirms receiving fewer letters from Yauhen: "I check the post-box everyday, but there are still no letters. Usually Yauhen doesn't write any serious things, but asks to send some religious literature or pay a visit to the church. Recently the post office has returned me a calendar he had asked for."

Yauhen's friends relatives receive no letters at all. The only letter which was received by the Babruisk activist Halina Smirnova last year, was also neutral – the prisoner asked his friends to take care of themselves.

It is also unknown whether Yauhen Vaskovich receis the letters his friends send him.