Navapolatsk: Dzmitry Ryzhychenka sues "Vector-TV"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Dzmitry Ryzhychenka filed a lawsuit against the TV company "Vector-TV" with the Navapolatsk City Court. The plaintiff believes that the report concerning actions of an "ultra-right youth group", broadcast by the TV channel on 24 February, insults his honor and dignity and contains libel.

Almost a half of this report was dedicated solely to Mr. Ryzhychenka, who was reported to be a leader of the "pro-fascist organization "Consciousness-18". By the way, the organization has an official state registration. In addition, it was stated that Dzmitry Ryzhychenka allegedly applied for political asylum.

The plaintiff demands that the TV channel officially disprove this information and compensate the moral harm.

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