Freedom Day organizers get first refusals

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One of the event's initiators Viktar Ivashkevich has informed "Euroradio" that the officials are supposed to send their reply to the application which was filed on 23 February no later than on 20  March – 5 days before the event.

At the same time, the head of the organizational committee for Freedom Day celebration Uladzimir Kolas stated that they received refusals in provision of premises for conducting a round table discussion "The Role of the BPR in the process of establishment of the Belarusian national identity" on 25 March. Besides, it was planned to invite officials from different ministries and institutions, scientists, political scientists and journalists from different media, to the event.

Uladzimir Kolas: "The hotels which have conference-halls, like "Victoria" or "Crown Plaza" refuse us as soon as they find out the aim of the event, although they admitted that they had free halls during preliminary negotiations".

As the organizers don't know the exact place of the event yet, they cannot send invitations to officials and scientists. In connection with the refusals, says Kolas, they decided to conduct the round table discussion at the office of the BPF party, which, naturally, automatically decreases the number of possible participants. In the opinion of the organizational committee's head, the officials will definitely refuse to come to this office. 

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