Uladzimir Katsora appeals fine at UN Human Rights Committee

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Uladzimir Katsora

Uladzimir Katsora

On 5 March Homel oppositionist Uladzimir Katsora filed an individual communication with the UN Human Rights Committee. The activist is of the opinion that the Belarusian authorities who were represented by the police officers who detained him and fined for the organization of a People's Assembly, violated Articles 19 and 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – the right to disseminate information and freedom of peaceful assemblies.

Mr. Katsora was detained on 8 March, the day when the assembly was held. On 10 October the court found him guilty under Article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, "violation of the rules of holding mass events" and fined him 350,000 rubles. Uladzimir Katsora appealed the verdict at the Homel Regional Court and the Supreme Court, but both appeals were turned down.

In his address to the Human Rights Committee Mr. Katsora reminds that the People's Assembly was held in line with the Law "On National and Local Assemblies", whereas he was charged with violation of the Law " On Mass Events".

"The police officers had no legal right to consider my actions within the framework of the Law "On Mass Events", as far as all actions concerning the distribution of printed production with invitations to local assemblies are regulated by the Law "On National and Local Assemblies". My right to freedom of peaceful assemblies was unlawfully restricted, but neither the police nor the court explained why," comments Uladzimir Katsora.

He also states that Article 8 of the Law "On Mass Events" unreasonably limits the right to disseminate information and doesn't correspond to the international undertakings of the Republic of Belarus, being not motivated by the needs of the state or public security, public order, health care or the protection of rights and liberties of other persons.

Uladzimir Katsora asks the Committee to consider his communication, admit the fact of infringement on his rights, guaranteed by Articles 19 and 21 of the ICCPR and advise Belarus to put provisions of the Law "On Mass Events" in line with the international commitments of the state.

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