Pavel Vinahradau tried again

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Pavel Vinahradau

Pavel Vinahradau

Pavel Vinahradau, activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth!" was to have been released from jail on 2 March, after serving 10-day arrest for participation in an "unauthorized picket of toys" on Nezalezhnasts Square in Minsk.

However, late in the evening his wife found out that he was returned to the delinquents' isolation center in Akrestsin Street. A police officer told her that Pavel had been detained on suspicion in using obscene language in public and was to be tried on Monday, 5 March.

On 5 March Vinahradau's case was considered by Yauhen Khatkevich, Judge of the Maskouski District Court of Minsk. Testimonies against the defendant were given by police officers Davidziuk and Listapadau, who stated that he had sworn dirtily near the "Kirmash" shop. Pavel Vinahradau refused from advocatory services and made no motions. Human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovich came to the trial to support him.

After a break the judge directed the police report for review and released Pavel Vinahradau till the continuation of the trial.

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