Salihorsk authorities continue banning street actions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzimir Shyla

Uladzimir Shyla

The Salihorsk authorities have recently banned six events organized by the local civil and political activists. The formal reason in all cases is alleged violation of Article 8 of the Law “On Mass Events” - placement of information about the actions on the web before their authorization.

Ivan Shyla, the organizer of the action, calls these reasons wire-drawn: “Yes, there was some brief information about our place on the web. We called the dates for which the applications were submitted, but we didn't write that the events will be held on these days. The situation looks absurd from the formal viewpoint – who knows who and what writes on the web. In fact, the Salihorsk officials are guided by the “presumption of guilt” - “organizers are guilty until the contrary is proved.”

The activist states that the answers submitted by the executive committee still lack concrete formulations. Mr. Shyla intends to continue filing appeals for the authorization of civil actions till their authorization.

Applications for four pickets, a rally and a procession have been submitted by him recently. The aim of the actions remain the same – immediate release of political prison, protest against the people's pauperization and discussion of the process of implementation of rulings of the 4th All-Belarusian Assembly.

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