Hrodna: journalist of Radio “Racyja” receives oral warning from KGB

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Journalist Hrazhyna Shalkevich came to the Hrodna KGB department on an official summons (which, however, was composed with violations – her status wasn't mentioned in this paper). She was accompanied by a lawyer, but a KGB officer stated she didn't the lawyer's assistance as she was neither a suspect, nor an accused.

The “talk” concerned the silent protest actions of 2011, during one of which Hrazhyna was detained and subsequently fined as a participant. She refused to answer any questions about it.

Then the KGB officer proceeded to “journalist activities without accreditation” and told her about the possibility of criminal prosecution for “discredit of the Republic of Belarus”. “It can be considered as a written warning”, says Hrazhyna Shalkevich. The KGB also composed the minutes of the talk on her request.

The journalist thinks that the attention of the KGB to her is connected not only to her journalist activities, but also to her active cooperation with the oppositional Union of Poles in Belarus, which is not recognized by the Belarusian authorities.