Former police lieutenant-colonel addresses General Procuracy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viktar Malochka, retired police lieutenant-colonel, applied to the Prosecutor General, A.Kaniuk, with the request to hold a repeated check-up concerning his unlawful detentions in summer 2011 and false testimonies given by officers of the Salihorsk District Police Department.

The retired policeman has been struggling for his rights, violated by arbitrary detention during silent protest actions, for more than six months already. In the beginning of January he received a negative answer from the Minsk Region Procuracy.

Viktar Malochka intended to to apply to the newly-made investigative committee next, but, as it appeared, the committed doesn't hold check-ups on citizens' applications – it only instigates criminal cases on the basis of materials which are gathered by the police and procuracies.

In the case Mr. Malochka receives a negative reply from the Prosecutor General, too, he intends to continue struggling for his rights at the UN Human rights Committee. By the way, he won a case vs. Belarus there in the beginning of 2000-ies.