Baranavichy: authorities minimize cooperation with “Intex-press”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the beginning of 2012 the private newspaper “Intex-press” issued in Baranavichy, faced unexpected troubles. In particular, at present only its chief editor, Uladzimir Yanukevich, can attend sittings of the Baranavichy City Executive Committee as an accredited journalist, whereas earlier any journalist of the newspaper could come there.

The edition also has problems in cooperation with the Baranavichy City Police Department. Journalist Natallia Semianovich, responsible for criminal chronicle, was informed that the police would no longer provide the private edition with information.

“Intex-press” objectively elucidated the presidential election of 2010, the silent protests in the summer of 2011, the preparation and holding of the National Assembly on 8 October and informed the readers about the bans of rallies and pickets, which irritated the local authorities.