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Vitsebsk: Siarhei Kavalenka placed into isolation ward

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As the mother of the political prisoner from Vitsebsk, Siarhei Kavalenka who is on a hunger strike for 24 days, has found out, he was placed in an isolation ward a week ago.

A representative of the administration of the remand prison refused to explain to Lidziya Kavalenka why her son had been “isolated”.

“I brought a parcel of things for Siarhei. And I was told by an officer on duty that Siarhei was placed in an isolation ward. When? What for? Only yesterday the lawyer met with Siarhei and told that he was simply placed in a one-man cell. So the lawyer had not been told the truth as well?” the mother of the political prisoner is outraged.

“He told that he would not explain the reason for it not to appear in my “interviews”. Representatives of the remand prison probably know that our family tells journalists about all the news… The officer told that there had been a violation committed by Siarhei, but he will report about that to his superior officers only. I have a fear that a violation is mentioned only to complicate the situation of my son, against him a criminal case had been open already for violation of the rules during his correctional term at home. It was a punishment for a white-red-white flag hoisted on a Christmas tree,” Siarhei’s mother said.

Lidziya Kavalenka brought an application to the remand prison. She demands to release her son or to transfer him to a medical institution. The entire family is concerned by his state of health, who is on a hunger strike for 24 days protesting against criminal charges for violation of the custodial rules. Under Article 415 he faces up to 3 years of imprisonment.

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