Mikalai Ulasevich sentenced to pay 1 million rubles as compensation for moral harm

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Such a decision was handed down on 10 January by the Ashmyany District Court at the request of the entrepreneur Andrei Dziadkou, who accused anti-nuclear activist Mikalai Ulasevich of disseminating false information insulting his honor and dignity.

The matter is that Mr. Ulasevich had applied to the General Procuracy and the Security Council, requiring a check-up concerning the unlawful construction of the concrete fence around the house of the head of the Astravets District Executive Committee, Adam Kavalka.

In his address he stated that A.Kavalka had unlawfully purchased a house and Dziadok’s firm constructed the fence for the money, taken from the state budget.

According to Mr. Ulasevich, materials of the check-up were read out at the trial. Workers of Dziadok’s firm confirmed having constructed the fence. However, during the hearings of 10-11 January they changed their testimonies. Mikalai Ulasevich disagrees with the court ruling and believes that the witnesses had done it as a result of pressurization.

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