“Young Front” states about new intimidation campaign

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On 9 January members of the civil movement “Young Front”, registered in Czech, held a press-conference to express their concern with the new intimidation campaign, launched by KGB.

The “Young Front” members Ihar Kishko, Zmitser Kramianetski, Mikhail Muski, Pavel Siarhei, Raman Vasiliieu and Uladzimir Yaromenak were detained on 19 December 2011, at an action dedicated to the anniversary of the violent dispersal of peaceful post-election protests in Minsk.

All of them were sentenced to 10 days of arrest. During the arrest terms they were summonsed to talks with KGB officers for 5-6 times. According to six of the detainees, KGB officers tried to incline them to collaboration, threatening with beating by riot police, troubles at the places of study and work and direction to military service. Some people were really dismissed from work and expelled from educational establishments.

KGB officers tried to receive information about activities of the youth organization and its leaders – Mikola Dzemidzenka and Nasta Palazhanka.

One more “Young Front” activist, Raman Pratasevich, was taken away by the KGB from his home on 30 December. They held a 90-minute “prophylactic talk” with him, warning about the inadmissibility of radical actions.

Deputy head of the “Young Front”, Mikola Dzemidzenka, emphasized at the press-conference that “Young Front” members decided to give publicity to these facts in order to protect their members at least in some respect and prevent the repletion of the interrogations.

“In general, we are quite surprised with such sudden interest of the KGB to our activities. We are trying to find out the reasons. It can be connected to the return of our persecution under Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code (“activitity on behalf of unregistered organization”),” stated Dzemidzenka.

Bear in mind that on 30 December the website of the “Young Front”, mfront.net, stopped its activity as a result of a powerful DDoS-attack and was restored only in a week.

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