Hrodna: they returned the car, not newspapers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Siarhei Trafimchyk

Siarhei Trafimchyk

Siarhei Trafimchyk, head of the Hrodna Region Council of the movement “For Freedom” was returned the equipment that had been taken away by police on 7 October 2011.

In particular, he received back his car and laptop. Howeve,r the printed editions which were in the car, and a file with documents and personal notes, weren't returned. No explanations were provided. Moreover, the activist received no answers to his complaints, filed with the appropriate state organs.
Now he is waiting for an answer from the General Procuracy.

Bear in mind that on 7 October 2011 his car was stopped by the road police in Masty for a wire-drawn reason (he was charged with stealing money in a village in the Masty district). He was shown a prosecutor's warrant that had no seal and signature. The police took away a sheave of “Novy Chas” newspapers, advertisement of Radio “Racyja” and the satellite TV channel “BelSat”. His car was confiscated as well.

On 8 October (the day when the People's Assembly was held) the activist was interrogated at the Masty District Police Department and threatened with instigation of a criminal case for “defamation of president” (there were some cartoons among the confiscated materials).