Horki to lose about 1,000 trees in connection with “Dazhynki-2012” state festival

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 4 January representatives of the Horki administration held a “public discussion” concerning the maintenance of the territory of the town on the eve of the “Dazhynki-2012” festival which will take place in the city this year. The authorities decided to hold the discussion after local activists started collecting signatures against a massive felling of trees, planned by the authorities.

About 20 Horki residents came to the meeting, held in the hall of the Horki District Executive Committee. The main architect just told that 931trees would be cut down in any case, as the money for it had been issued already. Thus, this question wasn't even discussed!

Moreover, the people asked to return historical names to a number of central streets, but were told that it was inexpedient, as such actions would require additional financing.

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