Brest: Ales Charkashyn warned by procuracy

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On 4 January the Brest Region Procuracy issued an official warning to Ales Charkashyn, coordinator of the steering committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party in Brest. She had been summonsed to the procuracy back at the end of December 2011, but hadn't come there, being away from Brest.

As a result, the law-enforcers started pressurizing his family and interrogated his friend on 4 January. AS a result, at 2 p.m. Ales came to the friend's apartment, where a man in plain clothes and a policeman were waiting for him. Then the activist was guarded to the regional procuracy, where he was issued with a warning about the inadmissibility of violations of the Law “On Mass Events”. In particular, as it is said in the document, on 21 December 2011 Charkashyn, using the nickname “Ales Zmahar” had posted an advertisement in the Internet community “Revolution through social networks: Brest region” with information about the time and place of a street action, which is prohibited before receiving an official permission for the action.

Ales Charkashyn wrote on the warning that he disagreed with it, but decided not to appeal against it.