“Young Front” activist Ales Kirkevich issued with a warning

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He signed for the first warning for public order violation there. It was connected with Kirkevich's detention in September 2011. Let us remind you, he disseminated leaflets with the information about the 21 September silent protest action then.

Ales has said in a conversation with Euroradio that he is supposed to be on the police's record for several years to come - until the term of his sentence ends. In case he gets another warning of the kind, they may establish preventive observation over him: a district police officer will visit him in his place, his travels outside the city will be limited.

A "Young Front" activist from Hrodna, 22-year-old Ales Kirkevich is one of the Square convicts. He got 4 years of imprisonment. On 1 September Kirkevich and other political prisoners were pardoned and released from the colony.

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