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Asipovichy prosecuting officials cover up police lawlessness

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Asipovichy district prosecutor’s office finds no police-related violations in the detention of local activist Ihar Simbirou back on 8 October, says an official reply received by the activist.

Mr. Simbirou was detained by two plainclothes policemen at the railway station of Asipovichy, Mahiliou region. The activist was taken to local police station and reportedly beaten and humiliated by the policemen.

“I did not have any hopes that the prosecutor’s office would react in a different way. It did not even take into account the results of a medical examination that showed I suffered a concussion on 8 October. The prosecuting officials took the side of the policemen. I am currently thinking of appealing the reply, but unfortunately the country’s has no means against policemen who violate the law”, says Ihar Simbirou.


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