Brest: Hanna Kanius appeals against picket ban

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Hanna Kanius

Hanna Kanius

Brest-based civil activist Hannia Kanius filed an appeal against a picket ban issued by the Brest authorities.

The action was to have been held on 26 November, on the pathway of Warshauskaya highway, as a part of the action “For Clean Air”. Its activists intended to draw public attention to the problem of the foul smell in Brest and the inaction of the city administration.

Predictably enough, the action was banned. According to the answer received by Hanna Kanius, she was denied in holding a picket on Savetskaya Street on 16 November – a completely different time and place!

In her appeal the activist states that the authorities banned the action even without studying her application. Before this, they had also banned two other pickets of “For Clean Air”. One of them was prohibited due to the absence of service agreements with police, medics and public utilities, and the other – as there was allegedly no street in Brest which was mentioned in the application.