Mikalai Autukhovich placed in prison cell

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Mikalai Autukhovich. Photo by Yulia Darashkevich.

Mikalai Autukhovich. Photo by Yulia Darashkevich.

As we have learned today, the administration of the Ivatsevichy penal colony where political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich is serving his term has placed him into a prison cell for one month. Though the formal reasons remain unknown, we consider it as a continuation of the ongoing pressurization of political prisoners for their principled civil position.

Bear in mind that Mr. Autukhovich hasn't had a lawyer since the deprivation of his counsel Pavel Sapelka of professional license.  The entrepreneur had been sentenced to 62 months in a maximum-security colony for alleged unlawful keeping and trafficking of five fire cartridges and a hunter's gun. He is serving his term in penal colony #5 in Ivatsevichy. He served a half of his term by 8 September, after which his penalty could be mitigated according to the Belarusian laws. However, this didn't happen because of the regular provocations against the prisoner, initiated by the colony administration.