Brest: “Fair World” denied in registration of legal address

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The Brest organization of the Belarusian Leftist Party “Fair World” was again denied in registering its legal address with the Brest City Executive Committee.

The matter is that the party members had applied to the Brest Region Executive Committee after getting the first denial from the Brest CEC. The regional authorities returned the registration denial back to the Brest City Executive Committee. However, the latter stated that no mistakes had been made and the address wasn't to be registered (which means that the city organization of the party will have no legal status).

The head of the Brest city “Fair World” organization, Liudmila Dzenisenka, emphasized that no legal reasons for not registering the legal address are provided in the answer. “The city executive committee didn't consider it necessary to explain the reasons for the registration denial. I consider it as a runaround. Earlier I could think that the authorities didn't have a proper knowledge of the laws or explained them in the wrong way, but now I can surely state that it is a politically motivated decision,” she said to Radio “Racyja”.

Bear in mind that the reason for the first denial was the alleged failure to meet the fire safety requirements. Such formal reasons are usually used by the Belarusian authorities to hinder the registration of civil associations and political parties.

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