Barysau: signature collector Illiushonak gets fined

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 12 December the third hearing on the administrative case of Mikalai Illiushonak took place at the Barysau City Court.

Aliaksandr Shutko, Judge of the Barysau District Court, sentenced Illiushonak to pay a fine of 525,000 rubles for violating the Law “On Mass Events”.

Bear in mind that the democratic activist had been detained on 21 September, while going out of a porch a multi-storeyed house, where he had collected signatures for holding the People's Assembly.

After the end of the trial human rights defenders asked Judge Shutko whether he had read the Law “On Local and National Assemblies”. “I have no intention to answer this question,” stated the judge and went away. Mikalai Illiushonak is going to appeal the court verdict at a higher court instance.

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