Ihar Sluchak proposes officials to do office work in Belarusian

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Homel resident Ihar Sluchak, initiator of the campaign “Office Work in Belarusian!” again sent personal addresses to heads of all district, city and regional executive committees with the proposal to extend the use of the Belarusian language in state institutions and organizations. “Being concerned with the development of the Belarusian language and striving to secure its further development and safety as the main integral element of a nation, we address You with the aim to establish the best friendly and partner contacts in this direction. We propose You to try make the Belarusian language the dominating language at You institutions by means which You can determine Yourself,”proposed the activist.

Sluchak also asks the officials which measures are necessary to provide the Belarusian language with the best conditions of functioning and development and making it the dominating language in the society and office work.