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Ales Bialiatski passes words of gratitude to everyone and says: “Don't be afraid!”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A letter was received from human rights defender Ales Bialiatski, sentenced to 4.5 years in a high-security colony. He wrote it on 30 November, after the announcement of the verdict, but before his transfer to the Zhodzina prison. After the trial he returned to his usual affairs – learning English, reading and answering a great number of letters. He feels quite well and calm and wishes it to all his colleagues. Ales is sure that the dirt which was flung at him by state-owned media didn't touch him, but the strong support from many acquaintances and strangers made a great positive impact. “I have a feeling that this trial was necessary in order to check whether we have been doing a right thing during all these 15 years. What concerns 10 December, I want to repeat to everyone: “Don't be afraid!” This is what Pope Jan Paul II said in the 1980-ies, when he came to the Communist Poland. He didn't say no more at that time, but even this was enough.”

Ales Bialiatski also writes that he is getting ready for his transfer to the penal colony, but Belarus is a small country, that's why he won't be taken far away. The political prisoner passes warm greetings and gratitude to all sympathizers. “I have the feeling that I have been with you all the time, especially after I saw many of you at the trial...”

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