Court prescribes forced medical treatment for Aliaksandr Kruty

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The trial of the father of Inesa Krutaya, a victim of the 11 April blast in the Minsk metro, was closed. There were only a prosecutor, a judge, a secretary, Aliaksandr's lawyer and the victim – doctor Valiantsina Chupik. It was her who insisted on the closed regime.

Aliaksandr Kruty was declared psychically inadequate and directed for forced medical treatment.

“It was found that he needs to be treated in a hospital until the medics find him healthy. The verdict can be appealed within 10 days. The father will be kept in prison until it enters into legal force,” Inesa Krutaya told European Radio.

The relatives are going to appeal against the verdict. Inesa thinks that her father was punished for his active civil position.

Bear in mind that Aliaksandr Kruty was detained on 20 September. Before the detention he had taken an active part in the trial concerning the 11 April blast, calling to postpone the trial till the abolishment of the death penalty in Belarus. After the detention Kruty was charged with committing a hooligan action on 17 November (pouring two jars of urine on Valiantsina Chupik).