Human rights pickets banned in Barysau and Maladechna

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Maladechna District Executive Committee

Maladechna District Executive Committee

On 5 December the Barysau human rights defenders Aleh Matskevich and Maryna Statkevich received from the Barysau District Executive Committee a refusal to authorize a picket dated to the 63rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In this document, signed by the head of the executive committee, U.Miranovich, it is stated that the action could not be authorized as the applicants didn't attach to their applications written service agreements with police, medics and public utilities.

In their application Matskevich and Statkevich stated that they could secure the public order and clean the territory on their own, as well as render medical aid to the present people if necessary. However, as we see, this moment was completely ignored by the official.

A similar refusal was received by the Maladechna human rights defenders Eduard Balanchuk and Ales Kaputski. Their picket was banned because of “the failure to implement requirements of the Law “On Mass Events” by the applicants”. No other explanations were offered.

That's why Eduard Balanchuk intends to have an audience with the head of the Constitutional Court who will accept people in Maladechna these days, and ask what he thinks about such answers.