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Post-graduate student faces troubles at state institute for attempt to exercise his right

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On entering the post-graduate courses at the Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus Aliaksei Paulouski demanded to be provided with a place in the academy's dormitory. However, he was told that there were no places, as a result of which he had to live in a rented apartment, as well as many other post-graduate students.

He learned that about 40% of such laces were occupied not by post-graduate students, but those who have finished post-graduate courses, and other people.

“I addressed the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Education with the request to discriminate in the situation and provide me, and four other post-graduate students, who signed the address, with places in the dormitory. We threatened to hold a creative action “For flourishing Belarus with sleeping space for all!”,” says Aliaksei. “That's how our troubles started. After this address all of us were summonsed by the Academy Administration. Each of us was pressurized individually, with the aim to make us withdraw our signatures. As a result, only my signature was left under the address.”

The institute couldn't appoint him a scientific supervisor for three weeks. It was done only today. This is already the fourth scientific supervisor for Aliaksei. If the topic of his research work is not approved, he can be expelled from the post-graduate courses. In addition, other post-graduate students started receiving places in the dormitory, whereas he wasn't given such a place, as the institute administration considers him as a candidate for expulsion.

Recently Aliaksei Paulouski has also learned about an oral order not to admit him to lessons of the Belarusian language. He was not even included in the list of students. However, the lecturer put him on the list on his request and let him come to the classes.

The student intends to continue protecting his right to continue his studies and live in the dormitory and may apply to the Procuracy and the State Control Committee for it.

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