Human rights defenders join in global campaign of support to Ales Bialiatski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 25 November, activists of numerous FIDH members across the world staged pickets of solidarity with the imprisoned Viasna leader Ales Bialiatski, following a 4.5-year verdict pronounced by Minsk court on 24 November. Cities covered by the campaign include Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Buenos-Aires, Ankara, Saint Petersburg, Yerevan, Bishkek, Tbilisi, Zagreb, etc.       


In response of the FIDH initiative, a press-conference in support of convicted FIDH Vice-President and President of Human Rights Center Viasna Ales Bialiatski was held by at Zagreb on November 25.

Tomislav Jakic, member of Civil Committee for human rights and Croatian Presidental Foreign Policy adviser form 2000 to 2010 (on the right side), Jurica Malcic, Supreme Court judge and Ombudsman of Croatia (on the left) and Zoran Pusic, President of Civil Committee for human rights took part at this event.


During the event in support of Ales Bialiatski held by Armenian activists in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Yerevan on November 25, an open letter to Belarusian President Alexandre Lukashenko signed by FIDH President Souhayr Belhassen was passed to the Secretary of the Embassy of Belarus.


On November 25, a protest action against unlawful conviction of Ales Bialiatski was held at 11:00 am in front of the Embassy of Belarus in Bishkek. The manifestation was attended by representatives of Kyrgyz civil society: Human Rights Center "Citizens against corruption" PF "Kylym Shamy," Legal Clinic "Adilet", as well as volunteers and students. The action lasted until 12:00, but the Embassy did not react.


The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZIMRIGHTS) joins the global human rights defenders community in strongly condemning the false trial, conviction and sentencing to prison of Mr. Ales Bialiatski.

“We are all too familiar with repressive regimes that subvert the law and legal systems to persecute human rights defenders. Belarus is one such country”, said that the Executive Director of ZIMRIGHTS Mr. Okay Machisa.

“Of particular concern in this matter is the witting or unwitting role played by the Polish authorities to facilitate the persecution of a human rights defender despite the EU’s well publicized position and guidelines on human rights defenders. The matter calls for an urgent review of how the guidelines are being implemented and how the EU countries should address incompatibilities between their obligations to protect human rights defenders and other bilateral or multilateral commitments”, said Arnold Tsunga of ZIMRIGHTS and FIDH Vice President.

“Today, in answer to the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH)’s call, we have gathered here in front of the Belarus Embassy in Ankara to demand the immediate release of Ales BIALIASTKI, Vice-President of the FIDH. As has been the case in several countries, we the defenders of human rights are gathered in front of the Belarus Embassies to express our support to Ales BIALIATSKI”, says a statement released by the Turkish Human Rights Association NGO.


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