Homel: participant of People’s Assembly gets dismissed from work

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Train driver and public activist Dzmitry Karashkou was fired from the Homel Railcar Repair Plant on 14 November.

He showed interest in People’s Assembly and demanded a 100% salary increase at work. Karashkou is one of four young people, who have faced persecution for the People’s Assembly in Homel, Radio Svaboda reports.

On November 12, when city dwellers were gathering for the second session of the People’s Assembly, police detained Karashkou at a bus stop and guarded him to the Chyhunachny district police department.

“I was questioned by a female lieutenant. She asked why I had been detained. I apologized and asked her why I had been detained. She could not find an answer for a long time, but finally drew up an administrative report under article 23.34 – taking part in an unauthorized event on 12 November,” the activist said.

“Then I was called to other offices. Major Kozel talked to me. Then major Koshman appeared. He was running around asking who had drawn up a report against me. Then a police captain appeared, I did not if he had a badge with his name, and began to question me what I had been doing on 8 October at the Culture Centre of the Hearing Impaired People Society. He drew up another report under article 23.34 for participating in an unauthorized rally on 8 October,” the activist said.

Karashkou expects a summon to court, as well as Illia Mironau, Ksenia Yaraslautsava and Vasil Takarenka, all detained on 12 November.

Violation reports for participating in the People’s Assembly on 8 October were drawn up against them.

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