Haradok: Leanid Autukhou sues road police

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Haradok-based political activist Leanid Autukhou has been deprived of his driver's license for a year and fined 280,000 rubles. He considers the punishment as politically motivated, because he had been stopped by a road policeman while returning from the People's Assembly in Vitsebsk on 8 October, and accused of a violation of traffic rules.

In his appeal against the ruling of A.Rymsha, acting head of the road police of the Haradok District Police Department, Mr. Autukhou expresses his disagreement with this document and states that he hasn't violated any rules. Moreover, he emphasizes that his case was considered with violations – the police didn't interrogate the passengers who were in the car together with him. In addition, the car was detained on an oral order of the commandant of the road police battalion of the Vitsebsk road police, U.Banadysenka, which is not reflected in the violation report.

Leanid Autukhou states that the documents concerning his offense have evident flaws and the investigation into the incident was incomplete, that's why he demands to abolish the ruling of A.Rymsha of 3 November 2011 about depriving him of driver's license and drop the charges.