Aliaksandr Krutoi is kept in Zhodzina prison

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Aliaksandr Krutoi represented the interests of his daughter, Inesa Krutaya, a victim of the terrorist act of 11 April, at the trial of the alleged terrorists. He was quite active there, and made a number of motions, including the postponement of the trial and the abolishment of the death penalty in Belarus.

In the evening of 20 September Aliaksandr Krutoi was detained by the police on charges in a hooligan action, allegedly committed by him during the expertise. On 22 September judge Aliaksandr Fedartsou partially read the ruling concerning his detention, in which it was stated that “on 17 August Krutoi committed hooligan actions with especial cynicism in a medical institution of Minsk” by pouring two jars of urine on the head doctor.” As a result, Krutoi was directed to psychiatric expertise on the prosecutor’s errand.

After the psychiatric expertise Mr. Krutoi was transferred to the Zhodzina prison. The results of the expertise remain unknown. No charges have been given to him. “It is unclear why he hasn’t been given any charges if he is considered mentally healthy, and why he is kept in prison if he is considered ill,” commented his daughter.

Krutoi’s relatives received first letters from him on 22-23 October. About ten letters have been received by now. In his last letters he says that he has a cold, his eyesight got worse and he didn’t receive any letters. He knows that his counsel was hired by relatives only from the counsel’s words and has no opportunity to verify this information because of the absence of any contacts.

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