Babruisk: detentions on Ancestors’ Commemoration Day

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 2 November Babruisk residents intended to commemorate ancestors by gathering near a Catholic cathedral and an Orthodox church, lighting candles and proceeding to a monument to victims of repressions.

The majority of the action participants came right to the monument, where they were met by the police, ideologists and people in civvies. The people lit candles and stood there for some time. The police also kept duty near St. Michael Cathedral.

Four youngsters – Maryna Ivanova, Artsiom Markhachou and Alena and Dzmitry Toustsiks were detained after they went out of the cathedral with candles and headed for the monument.

“Everything was shot on video by an unknown man. I was lead to the police car rudely, I was pulled by the hand, though I didn’t resist. Police major Andrei Malakhau was very nervous and shouted at us. At the police station we were asked where we lived, what we were and what was the purpose of our walk. They asked even where we bought the candles and how much we paid for them! We explained that today was the Ancestors’ Day and we wanted to commemorate them. They drew up violation report, but only three of us signed them,” commented Alena Toustsik.

The youngsters were kept at the police station in Gogol Street for about an hour and then were let go.