Nasta Palazhanka is banned to go abroad

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On 2 November Nasta Palazhanka, Deputy Chairwoman of the “Young Front”, was summonsed to the police without explanation of the reasons.

“I was again warned that I had no right to leave Belarus,” said Nasta. “I am a student of the European Humanities University and must go abroad for my exam sessions. When my verdict was announced, the judge specified that I had the right to go abroad. However, today the head of the Pershamaiski District Police Department of Minsk has shown me a ruling, according to which the people who are sentenced to conditional imprisonment and corrective labor have no right to leave Belarus. This is far from the first case when a ruling is given a greater priority than a law. We will discriminate in this situation. I was told not to get surprised if I would be set off a train on the border. Before this, they again took my fingerprints – my friends and I joke that one can get to the Guinness book of records with such a number of dactylographies,” commented Nasta Palazhanka.

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