Homel: Kastus Zhukouski taken for interrogation together with ill daughter

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Kanstantsin Zhukouski

Kanstantsin Zhukouski

On 14 October the Homel oppositionist Kanstantsin Zhukouski hardly managed to leave his home when he was met by officers of the Guard department with rifles. They stated that it was necessary for him to go with them to the Tsentralny District Police Department of Homel and they would “insist” on his coming there if he refused. 

Six-year-old daughter was waiting for Zhukouski at home at the time. She was ill, and he could not leave her alone. Therefore he had to take her with him.

The policemen said Zhukouski would be interrogated concerning the incident at the trial over an organizers of the People's Assembly, Valery Sliapukhin, on 11 October, during which the activist was handcuffed to a radiator.

Bear in mind that some time ago the riot police had fractured Zhukouski's leg during the detention, and he had subsequently served 15 days of arrest with the fracture.