Authorities organize fairs and sportive events to block People's Assembly

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


The People's Assembly in Babruisk will be held near the shopping house “Vesta”. Everybody knows about it, including the authorities, as one of its organizers, Viktar Buzinayeu, sent invitations to this action to police officers and local officials.

In response to the invitation the authorities decided to hold the fair “Babruiskaya Vosen” on the ground near the shopping house. On summer Wednesdays similar fairs were organized in the places of silent protest actions. During the previous years the “Babruiskaya Vosen” was held near the central city market. The fair will last since 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Viktar Buzinayeu's reaction to it is quite possible. :I wasn't surprised by the fair”, he says. “Earlier they used to “mine” the square, now they will trade there. They arranged everything within a couple of days. It think it is a positive change: the people who come to the Assembly will feel safe, as they can say that they came there to buy potatoes!”

The activist also stated that members of the organizing committee of the People's Assembly had collected the necessary number of signatures for holding it legally.

A football tournament in honor of Haharyn Street is held on 8 October in order to prevent the participation of students of the mechanic-techological vacational school, the building college, the oil-chemistry vocational school and the machine-engineering college in the People's Assembly.

Even the students who come from other towns and villages were banned to go home for the weekend. They can either play football personally or watch it as supporters. Their presence will be attentively checked by the administration of the educational institutions.


In Barysau, the People's Assembly will take place at 1 p.m. on 8 October near the city stadium (which is an officially allowed place for mass events).

However, the authorities decided to hold a sportive event for school-children there at this very time. This information was voiced at the assembly of schoolmasters at the Barysau City Executive Committee. There it was also said that the event was organized in order to prevent the presence of teenagers in the People's Assembly. Pupils of the last grades will be drawn to “publicly useful” work on the territory of their schools at the time of the assembly. It was even proposed to draw their parents to such work, too.

“It's difficult to imagine a more effective advertisement of the People's Assembly, as the parents who didn't know anything about it will get an opportunity to join it during the sportive event,” say organizers of the assembly.

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