Homel: police detain silent protesters

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On 5 October three participants of the silent protest rally were detained in Homel. The rally was held in the city despite of the pause in rallies announced by their organizers.

Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. people, about 10-5 persons, continued to gather for silent protest rallies in Homel, at a spot near the circus, though organisers had informed that they are going to take a break.

“We have gathered around the fountain today, and we noticed close attention of the police. Then some antisocial persons came up to us and tried to provoke a fight. We went away,” BelaPAN was informed by one of the participants of the rally Dzmitry Karashkou. “We went to “Bistro” café in Rahachouskaya Street, the unknown in mufti and policemen were shadowing us. When the guys went out to the street from the café, they were detained and taken in a police car UAZ. We managed to run away.”

As said by Karashkou, Illia Mironau, Xenia Yaraslautsava and Vasil Takarenka were detained.

Mironau had a chance to tell BelaPAN on the phone, that they are taken to a drug abuse clinic for examination. “Yes, we have drunken a pair of glasses of beer, that is why I do not exclude that we would be charged with petty hooliganism, foul speech or something like that. We were kept under observation, and we were seized upon availability,” the activist said.

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