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Unlawful cutting of trees in Salihorsk

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As it became known to social activists of the campaign Protecting Forest the cutting of a piece of wood in the green zone between Zaslonau and Kazlou Streets was appointed on the weekend.

A part of the green zone had been destroyed in November 2010. Salihorsk dwellers tried to protect it, and the authorities had to retreat after a two-month confrontation, trials and fines. Barys Batura, governor of the Minsk region, took personal control over the situation and prohibited the local authorities to cut down wood there.

Local dwellers have never trusted much to promises of the authorities. They state that the first cut-down was at least sanctioned by an official ruling, whereas the remaining part is a segment of recreation zone which is protected from destruction by the Belarusian legislation.

Therefore, at present civil activists of Salihorsk are working at a plan of activities on protection of the forest. They don’t rule out the possibility of creating a "human shield" around it. At present they organize a 24-hour duty near the green zone.

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