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Most poorly attended silent action

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About 20 people have come to the Kamarouski market at 13.00 in Minsk. No detentions have been reported so far.

15.00 No "Wednesday revolution" in Brest.

Only policemen arrived to the Central market at 13.00. Police cars were parked at every approach to the market an hour before the action, riot policemen and people in plain clothes patrolled the street. There were not many passers-by and no possible protesters were seen among them.

This is the first Wednesday which passed so quietly since the beginning of silent actions. 


14.10. 3 people participated in the silent protest action in Slonim. Policemen watched the action but detained no one, Radio Liberty reports.


14.05. Head of the ideological department attended the market in Pinsk

No noticeable actions of silent protesters were recorded in Pinsk today at the biggest "Kalhasny" market, as Euroradio has found out. It is worth mentioning that the deputy heads of Pinsk city administration of internal affairs and the head of the ideological department of Pinsk city executive committee were present at the market since 13.00. It is unknown whether this fact is connected with the "silent action".


13.55. Euroradio contacted one of the coordinators of the "Revolution through social networks" Viachaslau Dziyanau, but he refused to give any comments with regard to the results of the actions at the markets so far.


13.52. Silent protest action in Mahileu is over, informs Radio Liberty. It took place at the Vilenski market. 10 people took part in it. 3 policemen watched it, one of them - a Colonel.


13.46. People are leaving. Policemen remain at the market and nearby, expecting the "silent protesters" to express themselves.


13.28. About 20 people have gathered near the central entrance to the Kamarouski market. They are mostly elderly people. The are discussing the political situation, criticizing the authorities. Journalists have surrounded them. People in plain clothes are filming everything.


13.15. In Mahileu, about 10 people have come to the silent protest action to Vilenski market. Some of them are playing Victar Tsoy's song "We want changes" on their mobiles. There are no policemen in uniform at the market. Entrepreneurs are not noticed to take any interest to the action, Radio Liberty informs.


13.13. No participants of the action are observed. Sellers at the Kamarouski market have not even heard about the planned action. A man with a walkie-talkie told the market guard not to let journalists with video-cameras in, informs Euroradio's correspondent Andrei Yeliseyeu.



13.08.Kamarouski market in Minsk patrolled by people in plain clothes.

Many policemen appeared at the market before the silent action. 

According to BelaPAN, people in plain clothes are patrolling the market square. 3 buses filled with plain-clothed people and a mini-van are parked behind the market, in Kulman Street. Traffic policemen stand about 10 meters away from each other along Kulman Street and Kuibyshau Street. 

According to the information provided by Euroradio's correspondent Andrei Yeliseyeu, riot policemen are patrolling the market. Policemen are filming the events. Famous Lieutenant-Colonel Yauseyeu, who is responsible for maintaining the public order in the capital, arrived to the planned place of the "silent action".


12.53 US Charge-d-Affaires in Belarus Michael Scanlan arrived to the Kamarouski market to do some shopping, together with two American diplomats, Radio Liberty informs.



The format of the action has been drastically changed. The organizers of the "Revolution through social networks" are sending people to the biggest food market of Minsk during working hours. According to the plan, people should stay in queues near the closed trading points. In the regions, the silent action is also planned to be conducted at markets.


Let us remind you, one of the leaders of small businessmen Victar Harbachou urged to join the "silent protests" before. He addressed to the traders asking to make Wednesday a day off. The idea to gather at the Kamarouski market appeared because of this.

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