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Zmitser Bandarenka put before a hard choice

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the remand prison of the Interior Affairs Ministry the political prisoner has been thrown into a tough dilemma.

We remind that because of serious problems with his spinal column (herniated intervertebral disks, spinal nerve entrapments, leg paresis) the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign Zmitser Bandarenka was transferred from the remand prison of the Interior Affairs Ministry to the Republican prison hospital, which is situated in the same place, in Valadarski Street in Minsk.

Today the wife of the political prisoner Volha Bandarenka received a letter from her husband. Here are some quotes from the letter:

“Today morning I was told: I must choose: either I go to penal colony or I would be operated.

I asked: What about neurosurgeon’s consultation?

They said: We have shown your MRI results and hospital discharge summary to the neurosurgeon of the 5th hospital. What is your decision?

In the evening I was invited to the chief of the remand prison.

- So do you refuse to be operated?

- I would like to talk to a neurosurgeon.

- Such a conversation is impossible. He knows all about your situation.

In short, I signed the agreement to be operated. The operation will be made in the 5th hospital, and it can happen next week.

Other options could be possible at large, but it is impossible to go to penal colony with a sick and crooked right leg. Everything is in the hands of God.”

Volha Bandarenka was shocked that her husband had been thrown into such a tough dilemma.

“It should be an informed decision. An operation is made only when absolutely necessary, as there is a threat of immobilization in case of some problems. After the operation a long term of aftercare is needed, up to 10 months, and good nursing. And Zmitser can be left in the hospital for 3 weeks or a month at best, and then, still in poor health, he would be transported to the penal colony. It can result in a relapse and even graver consequences,” said the wife of the political prisoner.

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