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Vialeika: trial of a detained protester postponed to 12 July

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
detainees at Vialeika DPD

detainees at Vialeika DPD

Eight people and a dog were detained on the central square of the town of Vialeika on 6 July. The detentions were conducted by the riot police to prevent the silent protest action which was to have taken place there.

Among the detainees there was Dzmitry Kaptsiuh. He was detained together with his friend Aliaksei Siudak near the Mir cinema by riot policemen in mufti. Aliaksei was let go, whereas all other detaines were kept at the Vialeika District Police Department for 3 hours.

A libelous violation report was drawn up on Dzmitry Kaptsiuh: he was charged with using obscene language in public. Two riot policemen who hadn’t detained him bore testimony at the trial which was held by Judge Alena Artsimovich.

At the beginning of the court sitting which took place on 7 July the defendant solicited for summoning his witnesses who could prove his innocence. The judge granted the motion and postponed the trial. The next sitting will take pace at 3 p.m. on 12 July.

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